Giving Back

“I believe in giving back…and for me, it’s personal…”

Morgan Brittany Smith 8/29/1985 – 5/9/2014

Morgan Brittany Smith 8/29/1985 – 5/9/2014

Sometimes people come into our lives for a short time, but their impact lasts forever . . .

Some years ago I met a young girl named Morgan Smith who was looking for a rental property (in between adventures, that is). She’d just finished grad school, was leaving for a month long trip to Africa. And – was relocating here to start her career as an engineer with a local PAX defense contractor.

I adored her from the start and over the course of the next few years we developed a friendship that went beyond the several real estate transactions that by then, I’d represented her in. Tragically, Morgan was killed in a private plane crash on May 9, 2014. She was 28 years old. It was devastating to her family and friends that loved her (including this Realtor). The only consolation for any of us, was in knowing that she died doing what she deeply loved. Morgan was an amazing young woman who accomplished much in her short life. But the two things that touched me the most about Morgan were her tender heart for those less fortunate than her, and her beautiful smile that quite literally lit up a room.

To honor Morgan’s memory, I donate a portion of every sale I make to 2 charitable organizations:

Operation SmileOperation Smile is an amazing non-profit ministry that provides life changing surgeries to children with cleft palates. It gives the gift of a smile. Just like Morgan did.

Chesapeake Cares PantryThe other is Chesapeake Cares Food Pantry, another life changing non-profit ministry that provides food and other resources and practical assistance to individuals and families in need, in our beloved Southern Maryland Area. The Spirit that rests on and empowers this ministry is one that reminds me of the kindness, respect and generosity that Morgan embodied every day.

May that Spirit live on forever in the lives that will continue to be touched on account of this one truly beautiful girl.